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To ensure the best cleaning or stripping method for your needs, we will inspect the wood first. Then, we will outline the project scope for you to fully understand the work to be performed.

If cleaning is the chosen option, we will soft-power wash the areas and sand the areas to be sealed. If stripping is required, the process includes applying the stripper, soft power washing, applying a brightener, soft power washing again, sanding the areas to be sealed, and finally applying the finish by spray, roll, or brush.

There are two types of sealers: acrylic-based and oil-based. Solid base, semi-transparent, transparent, and semi-solid finishes are available in a multitude of colors and stains.

A longer-lasting finish is provided by a stain with more pigment, while clear sealers have a shorter lifespan. Solid and semi-solid stains tend to hide more grain, while semi-transparent and transparent allowing the wood grain to appear more natural.

We will provide samples to ensure your satisfaction and share our knowledge with you.

The acrylic-based sealers seal the outside of the wood grain, while oil-based sealers penetrate the wood. Both sealers have their benefits, with acrylic-based sealers lasting longer but not looking as natural as oil-based sealers. Acrylic bases clean up with soap and water, while oil bases require paint thinner.

Painter Spanish Springs

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